Natural Athletic Stamina Boosting Herbs

Finding it difficult to carry-on all through the day, without relying on caffeine for functioning long hours?? Under such circumstances, an energy-boosting diet plan combined with intake of any of the following herbs will help in keeping one energized all day long.

stamina increase herbsMaca: is known since ages for its ability in boosting stamina and increase energy levels. It is used as an immuno-stimulant in cases of tuberculosis, anemia, menstrual disorders, stomach cancer, menopause symptoms, sexual disorders and for enhancing memory. Maca is a powerful adaptogen that helps in stabilizing blood pressure and boosting immunity and harmonizing and balancing the body activity and vitality.

American Ginseng “ is an effective adaptogen, believed to create metabolic and sedative effects on the Central Nervous System. It increases stamina, enhances learning abilities, prevents ulcer, is an analgesic, anti-fatigue and anti-convulsant. In addition to all this, it has been revealed to enhance digestive tract peristalsis and boosts energy levels.

Avena Sativa “ is traditionally used to enhance fertility, promote energy, tone the uterus, and alleviate sexual disorders. It also helps in problems pertaining to anxiety and stress and is a nerve relaxant. Avena Sativa is also high in body-building nutrients such as Phosphorous, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamins B1, B2, A and E and improves digestion and helps in detoxification process.

A diet with appropriate combinations of fat, protein and carbohydrate levels consumed at regular intervals help in keeping high energy levels all through the day.

¢ Healthy snacking in between meals helps in maintaining blood sugar levels which includes eating every three or four hours so that the energy levels do not ‘drop down’.

¢ Lack of adequate liquid intake causes dehydration and fatigue. Hence adequate skimmed milk, and fruit juices are recommended with every meal choice in place of sweetened beverages.

¢ Avoiding fried fatty foods is the first step towards preventing sluggishness. An effective energy-boosting diet will be high on green leafy vegetables and fruits, high in protein and fiber and low in fat.