Natural Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Since ancient days, herbal remedies have increased vitality, overall health and life expectancy. The potential for no side effects makes these natural herbal remedies more appealing as against over-the-counter medications.

Goldenseal “ the root of the herb can be powdered and used in tea and is well-known for anti-biotic properties.

Chamomile “ the herbal tea made from this herb is used for relief from stomach distress, for fighting infection, for speeding up the healing process.

Garlic “ is a strong antibiotic used as tea, or as season in food. It can be chewed to reduce cholesterol and prevents formation of blood clots.

Gingseng “ is used for increasing liver protection, and for boosting immunity.

Dandelion “ the herb helps in relief from premenstrual bloating and is anti-inflammatory. The leaves of the herb can be used in preparation of herbal tea.

Feverfew “ helps prevent migraines. The herb can be used as herbal tea.

Raspberry leaf “ is widely used in treating morning sickness, and prevents miscarriage during pregnancy. It is widely used for treating uterine irritability.

Ginger “ Ginger can be used as tea, or chewed on to reduce risks of blood clots and heart attacks. Its also comes in handy during motion sickness.

Licorice “ The herb is used in the form of tea and is beneficial for relief from sore throat and ulcers.

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