Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

A toothache is a soreness, pain or discomfort around a tooth with significant reddening, swelling, irritation and pain. Toothache begins when tooth decay penetrates deep into the pulp chamber and enters in close contact with the nerve endings and the tiny blood vessels. As the agony of a toothache is known only to those who have actually experienced it, it is better to keep track of a few natural remedies that would be of immediate help, at least until one is able to arrive at a dentists clinic.

  • tooth painClove Oil has been used since ancient days as a traditional remedy for toothache. Clove oil contains eugenol, a natural anti-bacterial and pain killer. About two to three drops of clove oil can be mixed with quarter teaspoon of olive oil, and saturated with a cotton ball and placed on the affected tooth. Leave it for as long as possible.
  • Ice, with its excellent numbing properties, will help in suppressing the pain at nerve endings. Hence an ice pack could be placed around the affected area for sometime.
  • Add a cup of water to about 5gms of fresh peppermint and half a tablespoon of salt. Boil this, and when the water turns lukewarm, gargle and drink it, as the solution is a good pain killer and is also beneficial for headaches apart from toothache.
  • In case the toothache is accompanied by swelling of gums, then holding oats in that area will help in drawing out the puss, and reducing the pain.
  • Also fresh refrigerated cucumber, cut into thick slices can be placed in the area to provide a soothing effect.
  • A┬ásmall pile of dried peppermint leaves can be placed around the aching tooth for fifteen minutes and then spit out. This procedure could be repeated ten to fifteen times a day for relief, as peppermint brings the abscess to the surface, and then acts as a pain killer.
  • Mix half a teaspoon of asafetida with a bit of lime juice so as to form a paste. Make it lukewarm and apply the mixture with a cotton ball.
  • Oil of Oregano, though leaves a burning sensation on application, has natural antibiotic properties and hence is recommended for toothache.
  • Add rock salt to a paste of garlic, making a homogenous mixture and apply on the affected area.
  • Activated charcoal powder can be mixed with enough water to make a paste, and applied on the affected tooth with a piece of gauze. Place the gauze on the tooth and bite it down.

So the next time a sudden toothache emerges, try these home remedies for toothache pain relief until medical aid is sought.

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