Natural Pain Relief Remedies for Gout

Gout is an extremely weakening condition wherein the individuals suffer from painful, inflamed and red joints in the ankle and foot. Gout is caused due to the excess build up of uric acid crystals in the blood that get deposited in the soft tissues around the joints. This could be due to hereditary conditions, or due to a diet that includes high-purine foods. Other than the diet, factors such as certain medications, kidney malfunctioning and obesity could also lead to excess uric acid production in the body.

Though there are plenty of options in treating Gout, for those who wish to avoid medication, a few natural remedies for Gout pain relief are mentioned here.

One such natural remedy for Gout treatment is the effectiveness of using cherries. There have been several reports emphasizing on the beneficial effects of cherry juice and cherries as a remedy for gout. Cherry juice concentrate can be taken up to one tablespoon per day.

Another natural treatment for Gout is a charcoal bath. A one half cup of charcoal powder can be mixed with water so as to form a paste. The affected foot can be placed in the basin and water can be added until the foot is covered. The foot can be soaked in the bath for thirty to sixty minutes.

Modification in diet will help in tackling Gout to a great extent. A low purine or modified purine diet will help in improving Gout. A Gout diet emphasizes on high vegetable protein, dairy products and water intake, and decrease in high purine foods. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, cereals and dairy products are considered Gout friendly foods. However, shellfish, meat extracts, dried legumes and offal are the foods that need to be avoided.

Though drinking six to eight glasses of water a day is recommended for all, a Gout patient need to consume more fluids to keep the body hydrated so that it dilutes the uric acid, and the kidneys can easily process it for elimination.

Just icing the area also helps in reducing the swelling and the accompanying pain. Hence keeping a cold compress in the freezer comes in handy during an attack of Gout. On the other hand, a few studies have also revealed that wrapping a warm towel around the affected area is beneficial.

Gout sufferers are also advised to avoid alcohol, as it increases uric acid production and inhibits secretion of uric acid. Also, individuals who are obese are recommended to reduce weight. Though supplements are considered beneficial, Gout patients are advised against excess intake of Vitamin A and Niacin, as it could trigger a Gout attack. In case of painful Gout symptoms, a few of these natural remedies can be effective even for individuals who are already under medication for Gout.


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