Natural supplements for treating allergies

Here are a few scientifically studied natural/ complementary remedies to treat allergies.

Vitamin C: Recent studies have suggested that Vitamin C is effective in treating allergies, as it lowers histamine levels in the bloodstream. Hence, eating plenty of citrus fruits and juices, berries, broccoli, dark greens, onions, berries, and mangoes could prevent on-set of allergies. However, people who have an allergic reaction to certain fresh fruits may have to be more careful.

Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) : Various studies conducted in Switzerland which were peer-reviewed by medical journals have revealed the supplements derived from Butterbur, reduces symptoms of allergic rhinitis (hay fever) in most patients. Hardly any side effects have been reported.

Acupuncture: This involves placing needles onto specific points in the skin. The procedure relieves symptoms of hay fever.

Quercetin: The supplements of this antioxidant are found in plenty in yellow onions. Studies have revealed that this supplement blocks allergy causing substances. It can be used alone or in combination with allergy medications.

Chinese Skullcap: This is a herb with high level of antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. Along with use of Chinese Skullcap, a Chinese herbal formula, ╦ťbimminne, helps in treating hay fever.

However, it should be noted that few natural substances may even inhibit histamine release. Although this may appear to be good for patients suffering from allergies, lowering histamine release completely may also prove dangerous. At times, these supplements, when taken along with prescription medication that inhibits histamines, the combo could cause trouble.

Hence, to be on the safer side, it is best to openly discuss with the doctor all that you are taking for allergies.