Natural ways to soothe your aching muscles

Each one of us would have experienced an occasional muscle ache or cramp, at some point of time. It could be a general soreness at your back and shoulders, or even a painful cramp in the calf muscle, which could even disturb your routine. Muscle aches usually strike active people who exert themselves, but those leading a sedentary lifestyle too, could be affected when they overuse their muscles.

Although a muscle pain or cramp is hardly a cause for worry, in cases where the ache is recurrent, and accompanied by rash, sore throat or fever, joint swelling, abdominal pain, loss of strength or weight loss, the matter should be alerted to the physician, as it requires serious medical intervention.

For that occasional muscle ache, which lasts for two to three days, you could try the following natural home remedies.

  • Massaging the cramped muscle in a single direction (the direction that it runs), will help in removing the knot, and will melt away the pain. For additional comfort, a hot shower or a warm compress could be tried. This can be done by pressing the affected area with an object or your fist. The constant pressure will provide relief within a short while.
  • Dissolve two cups of Epsom salt in your hot bath water, to obtain relief.  The magnesium, present in Epsom salt, when absorbed through the skin, promotes healing of the torn muscles.
  • Ayurveda suggests the leaves of the herb Rosemary, as a remedy, for reducing the swelling in strained muscles. The leaves could be used in fresh or dried forms, although the fresh varieties have more volatile oils in them.  The anti-inflammatory properties of the herb, helps in soothing inflamed muscles, while also helping in speeding up healing.  Prepare a Rosemary wash by adding an ounce of Rosemary leaves to one pint of water, and allow it to stand for half and hour. Dip a piece of cloth in this Wash, and apply over the affected area. 
  • Eating one or two bananas a day, too, would help in reducing muscle cramps, as bananas, being rich in potassium, prevent muscle cramps.
  • Care should be taken to drink plenty of water during the course of any physical activity, as the water lost through sweat, will be replenished, and hence possibility of cramps could be prevented.