Natural ways to treat obesity, home remedies

Obesity is a condition of the body that occurs due to excess deposition of fat in the adipose tissues of the body. Overweight or obesity could often result from over eating, developing irregular eating habits and due to improper diets. As said in Ayurveda, there are eight different body types that are prone to diseases, and an obese body is the one that is most prone to troubles and diseases. Extra fat accumulation in the body will increase stress on the liver, kidneys, heart, hips, and legs leading to diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gall bladder and liver problems, gout, arthritis etc.
To reduce obesity in the most natural way, three things need to be considered i.e., healthy eating habits, regular exercise and avoiding the sources that could lead to weight gain. A natural low-calorie diet is recommended.

Begin the day with a drink of limejuice (half a lemon with lukewarm water) mixed with a teaspoon of honey. This has to be taken early in the morning. Breakfast should include skimmed milk and sprouts or wheat. A cup of carrot juice or pineapple or orange juice can be a good mid-morning drink.  Lunch should essentially consist of a salad made of raw vegetables (beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, cabbage). The vegetables can be raw or steamed. In addition to this whole wheat chapattis or brown bread and a cup of buttermilk is recommended. Instead of plain butter milk, preferably add a few coriander leaves, grated ginger and roasted cumin seeds to buttermilk. In the Mid-afternoon, lemon tea or coconut water or dry fruits or vegetable soup would be ideal. Dinner should essentially consist of whole wheat chapattis / bread, steamed vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Few other factors to be noted is that milk products like cheese, butter and non-vegetarian foods should be avoided as they contain excess fat. Rice and potato contain plenty of carbohydrates and is best avoided. Instead of rice, wheat is considered a better cereal, as it contains plenty of fibre and is low in calorie.

Mint helps in weight reduction. Mint chutney / mint tea could be included in the daily diet. Also, spices like black pepper, ginger and cinnamon helps in weight loss. Honey regulates the excess fat deposits in the body and hence is found be excellent in treating obesity. Cabbage helps in inhibiting the conversion of sugar or other carbohydrates to fat and hence can be used for treating obesity.

Apart from the changes in diet, exercise plays an equally important role in treating obesity. It helps by burning the excess calories stored as fat in the body. Walking is the best exercise. If not, other games like running, football, swimming etc., which involves physical activity will also be of benefit.

It is said that Ayurvedic medicines are prepared in the same manner and purpose as home remedies, with the emphasis being laid on making the food appetizing and at the same time obtaining maximum remedial benefit.