Neck and shoulder exercises

Neck and shoulders carry a lot of tension, leading to stiffness and tension headaches that occurs due to bad posture. The “Yoga Neck Exercises” mentioned in this articles, helps in toning muscles in the neck region and also increases flexibility. These exercises are particularly beneficial for individuals whose jobs require them to sit in a particular posture for long duration or have to work for prolonged hours on the computer.

The exercises should be done by keeping the spine erect. The neck and shoulders should remain relaxed throughout. The Exercises should be done at a slow pace, by paying attention to the muscles being used.

  1. Inhale deeply. While exhaling gently bring the lower chin on to the chest, in such a way that a gentle stretch appears behind the neck. Continue to inhale and exhale slowly and gently with the chin down, now lift the head back and inhale. Repeat the exercise.
  2. Inhale deeply. While exhaling bring the right ear towards the right shoulder. A gently stretch will be formed on the left side of the neck. While in this position take a few gently breaths and inhale and bring the head back to the original position. Now repeat the exercise on the left side.
  3. Exhale and bring the right ear towards the right shoulder, and then roll the chin to the chest. Inhale while in this position and then exhale when rolling the chin from the center position to the left side of the neck.
  4. Inhale deeply. Now raise the shoulders as high as possible near the ears and then let them drop down while exhaling deeply. This exercise can be repeated several times.
  5. Lift up the shoulders and rotate them back to down, forward to up again. This exercise can then be repeated in opposite direction.

The neck exercises improve hearing, vision and vitality. It also prevents insomnia and headaches, as the blood vessels in the neck, brain and head are interlinked.