Nimba (Neem)

Nimba (Neem) is found commonly in Himalayas and Iran. It is also found in tropical areas of Australia, Africa, and Indonesia and has a variety of applications in ayurvedic formulations.

All parts of the plant are used for medicinal purposes. It is a natural cleanser. It is effective in treating Pitta and kapha dosha. The plant is an excellent astringent, antiseptic, antiviral and stimulant tonic used in de-worming and as an insecticide. It also helps in skin care and in purging the bowels.

Nimba is used in combination with other Ayurvedic herbs in treating arthritis, cough, diabetes, bronchitis, eczema, fever, drowsiness, jaundice, malaria, obesity, nausea, rheumatism, syphilis, tumors, vomiting, excessive thirst and nausea.

A lot of researches have indicated the effectiveness of Nimba in macrophages and in boosting immunity power of the body and it has being used as a powerful antiseptic.

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