Nouka Asana (Supine Position) Yoga pose


  1. Lie down on the back in a straight position, leaving the whole body free and place the palms on the floor. Keep the eyes closed, facial muscles relaxed and breathe normally.
  2. Inhale and gently lift up both the legs together, and simultaneously raise the trunk and head also. Hold on the breath in that position and raise the shoulders and the back.
  3. Hold on to the leg toes with both hands and continue normal breathing. If beginners find it difficult to grasp the toes initially, try to reach the ankles, but it should be done without bending the knees.
  4. While returning to normal position, the trunk and the head should be gently placed on the ground and then the legs and hands can be brought to the normal position.


Nouka Asana posture is beneficial for reduction of the belly size as it contracts the abdomen from either side. Also other organs like the Kidneys, Pancreas, Intestines and Lever are stimulated and this improves functioning of these organs. This posture is particularly suitable for the Diabetics and for those suffering from Dyspepsia. It is also a good stress buster and improves digestion.

NOTE: This Asana, though beneficial for abdomen, is not suitable for individuals who have undergone an abdominal surgery and for those suffering from Cardiac ailments, hypertension and Lumbar Spondilitis.