Nutritious, thirst-quenching drinks from the storehouse of Ayurveda

There would be none on planet earth, who wouldn’t crave for a refreshing or energizing drink during scorching summer heat. Here are some nutritious, refreshing and thirst-quenching drinks taken out from the storehouse of ancient Ayurveda that can be easily made at home during peak summer.

  • Break empty coconut shell into pieces and add it to drinking water. Boil well and strain before drinking. Drinking this water regularly helps in controlling high cholesterol levels and diabetes.
  • Heres a honey drink which is high in medicinal value “ Add pure honey to water and mix well. To this, add ginger and lemon juice taken in equal quantities. This drink is particularly helpful for those suffering from indigestion and obesity.
  • When boiling water, add some coriander seeds (whole or crushed). This helps build immunity, and is an excellent body coolant during summer.
  • Take a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, and equal quantity of cumin seeds. Dry roast them in a pan and make a fine powder out of it. Add this to water and boil well. Drinking this regularly provides relief from oedema and inflammation in joints.
  • Add 500gms of jaggery to 2 litres of water, mix well, and boil. To this add powdered cumin seeds, dried ginger, black pepper, and cardamom. This drink is excellent immunity booster, and prevents frequent flu attacks.
  • Powder equal quantities of ajwain (carom seeds), garlic, cumin seeds, dried ginger, and black pepper. Add a teaspoon of this powder when boiling water, and drink when the water cools down. Drinking this regularly can also provide relief from piles, indigestion, and gastric problems.
  • Take five young mango leaves, clean it well, and soak them in drinking water over-night. Drink the water early in the morning. This is more than a body coolant, and helps control diabetes.
  • Crush the flesh of tender coconut and add it to tender coconut water, or regular drinking water. Add powdered cardamom to this, and drink. This is said to be an excellent drink for improved digestion and refreshment.
  • Place some crushed basil leaves at the bottom of a jar, and combine lime juice and water and pour over the leaves. Add sugar if required, and drink (For more cooling effect and flavour, add some crushed mint leaves too).
  • To prevent frequent urinary tract infections during summer, Ayurveda recommends boiling and drink water, to which the medicinal plant leaves Njerinjil (Gokshura) is added. Gokshura is a creeper, which is effective against urogenital ailments, including bladder infections, and kidney stones.
  • To prevent fluid retention in the body, Ayurveda suggests drinking water boiled by adding Thazhuthama (Boerrhavia diffusa) root and Njerinjil (Gokshura). The Thazhuthama roots also have diuretic, laxative and expectorant properties.

Use of ayurvedic drinks can control and prevent majority of the common ailments. At present, most of these medicated herbs are available in Ayurveda pharmacies in packaged forms, and can be easily used, as and when required.

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