Obesity prevention

When it comes to obesity prevention and management, Ayurveda has much to offer, with daily and seasonal regimens that include healthy foods, yoga exercise, panchakarma and medicines. For obese patients, according to the symptoms of ama, digestive (dhatwagni deepan) and carminative (pachan) medications are given. Ayurvedic formulations of a guggulu kalpa decoction are also advised with appropriate doses (as per age, sex, severity of obesity) with water or a decoction of triphala.  Gentle oil massage is followed by massage with powders of medicinal plants (turmeric, sandalwood, rose powder, manjistha powder, chickpea flour) along the anti-direction of the length of hairs, reducing perspiration and its smell.  A diet known as sansarjanakrama is advised after elimination therapy and is dependent on the state of digestive fire. It includes rice preparations and soups of meat for successive days. Further, Ayurveda also prescribes other non-drug modes of treatment such as reasonable fasting with dieting, exercise, and yoga and lifestyle changes and counselling. Diverse formulations and single plants with appropriate individualised dosages are also recommende.