Olive leaf extract can help tackle obesity

Sipping a cup of coffee rich in olive leaf extract can help combat obesity, said the latest research by few Australian scientists.

The first-of-its-kind study conducted by scientists at Southern Queensland University used olive leaf extract and reduced the fat storage in rats. The researchers noticed the contraction of fats in rats, when exposed to olive leaves.

The study, conducted by Lindsay Brown, professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland, involved feeding rats with high carbohydrate and fat diet for eight weeks until they developed signs of metabolic disorder.

The rats were then given coffee fortified with Olive leaf extract for a further period of eight weeks, which showed improved cardiovascular, liver and metabolic signs, when compared to rats that were fed with normal coffee.

The results indicated a reduction in the stored weight and fats in the adipose tissue. According to researchers, the leaf extracts reduced weight due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The olive leaf extract can be consumed in the form of tea. About five to seven ounces of water, boiled with crushed olive leaf, should be drunk five to six times a day to cure chronic diseases.

Oleuropein, a chemical compound that constitutes 15percent of olive leaf extract, is also an effective anti-oxidant.

The phytochemical, apart from imparting pungent taste, it also strengthens the immune system. Given, its anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties that are double that of green tea, it is intensively used for research works. It is also known to lower blood pressure, ward off cold, and treat heart-related ailments.

The study results were published in the American Journal of Nutrition.