Omega-3, Beta Carotene sources reduces Alzheimer’s risk

A diet, rich in Omega-3, which is found in certain kinds of oils and fish, is considered to reduce risk of Alzheimers by 60 percent.

Alzheimers treatmentA report published in ˜Journal of Neurology reveal that eating oily fish at least once in a week reduces the risk of developing Alzheimers by one-third, while a regular diet which includes plenty of vegetables and fruits, reduces the chance of dementia by almost thirty percent. 

In a study conducted in France, out of a total of 8085 people (all above 65 years of age), who were given questionnaires and medical tests at the beginning of research, and after four years thereafter, it was found that respondents who rarely consumed Omega-3, vegetables, fruits and fish were 51 percent more likely to develop any form of dementia, while 63 percent of them were prone to Alzheimers.

About 500,000 people in the UK too, are reported to have been suffering from Alzheimers with women more prone to Alzheimers than men. This risk increases considerably with age.

High intake of Beta Carotene (found in dark green vegetables and yellow vegetables) considerably reduces the risk of developing dementia, reveals an Internal Medicine study. A group of men were given about 50gms of the antioxidant every day for 15 years suffered lesser memory loss than those in placebos.

The common sources of Omega-3 include flaxseed, hempseed and walnut oils, salmon and trout.

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  1. Great Article! Yes Omega 3 is amazing it helps use fight off inflammation which is the MAJOR cause of most diseases known to man (heart disease, Cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatique ). So not surprised that it helps Alzheimer’s as well!

    Every one wants to have a healthy body and live a long productive life. But few of us know what to do to keep ourselves healthy like getting more Omega 3 into our diets!

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