Panchakarma Therapy

The panchakarma therapy along with its pre-treatments (Snehana and Swedana), as specified in Ayurveda, when provided in the right time and season, can surely help an individual to lead a better life even during an advanced age. The entire process of panchakarma therapy is administered in a capsulated form of seven days in most ayurvedic centers. It is suggested that when one undergoes Panchakarma therapy three times annually, in the right seasons, it expels the toxins, revitalizes the body tissues and prevents the body from falling prey to various diseases and keeps an individual healthy during old age.

During old age (Vardhakya), as there is a tendency for the vata dosha to get aggravated, all therapies that are administered should be to prevent vata. A few such therapies are kayaseka (oil bath), Sirodhara (head bath), Abhyanga (oil massage) and vasti (enema therapy). However, all the medicines used for the therapies should contain ingredients that alleviate vata.

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