Plant extracts may act as natural antibiotics in treating cancer

Several plant extracts used in traditional or folk medicine has shown potency in fighting bacterial and fungal infections in the mouth of oral cancer patients, reveals the latest research report from Rohtak, India.

The new research investigated the potency of these Indian wild plants against bacterial and fungal infections in 40 such patients. Among them, 35 had compromised immune systems with very little neutrophil counts.

Among the plants tested, eight of them had the ability to considerably inhibit growth of organisms collected by oral swab, and pure cultures of bacteria and fungi grown in the lab. Among these were the wild asparagus, false daisy, desert date, fenugreek, curry tree, and castor oil plant.

According to Dr. Jaya Prakash Yadav, natural medicines are very important in treating diseases, and traditional knowledge points out to plant-based medicines.

It has been found that the extraction process made significant impact on specificity and efficacy of plant extracts against microbes, he added.
It was found that the plants tested were, nevertheless, broad spectrum antibiotics capable of combating bacteria including E.coli, S aureus, fungi Candida and Aspergillus. The desert date and castor oil plant in particular, were able to combat bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is difficult to be treated with conventional antibiotics, Dr. Yadav said.