Power of honey in curing ailments

Honey and cinnamon powder is a good remedy for stomach upset and stomach ulcers. It also relieves flatulence. One teaspoon of honey, when added to lemon juice (of half a lemon) when consumed with warm water on empty stomach in the morning, cure stomach ache.

Honey (with 40% concentration) is also effective remedy during dysentery and diarrhea due to its bacterial effect.

Due to its effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, honey is used for healing wounds and skin infections. The anti-bacterial property of honey doubles when diluted with water. This can be used in treating burns, ulcers and surgical wounds. Honey has the property to absorb water from the neighboring inflamed tissues due to its high viscosity. Hence honey is an effective cure for such grazes or wounds.

Honey, though sweet in nature, helps in protecting and maintaining teeth. Its antibacterial properties prevents dental plaque bacteria, dental caries and prevents bacterial growth.  Cinnamon Powder (1 tsp) and honey (5 tsp) can be made to a paste and applied locally for toothaches. This can be used thrice a day until cure toothache.

Honey reduces sore throat and persistent cough. Honey forms a protective coat in the throat, and reduces irritation due to its anti-bacterial properties. Six Oz. of liquid honey, can be mixed with lemon juice (2 lemons) and 2 Oz. glycerin and stored in a sealed bottle and be used as and when required. Even having one teaspoon of raw honey, helps in easing the raw inflamed tissues as it trickles down the throat.

For nose block, a dessert spoon honey can be placed in a hot water basin and the fumes can be inhaled covering head with towel. Individuals suffering from common cold, can consume honey (one tablespoon) with cinnamon powder (quarter teaspoon) regularly for three days.