Power of Meditation on health

Meditation is a journey into depths of the mind to tap the huge reservoir of unused potential¬Ě, says scientists.¬† Scientists and doctors have agreed that certain meditation techniques have therapeutic effect and helps in the healing process.

During meditation, metabolic activity of the body is reduced as the volume of oxygen intake into the lungs is reduced due to the decreased rate of breathing, and hence the need for more oxygen is reduced. Lactate, the chemical associated with stress is greatly reduced during meditation, as the state of recuperation from effects of stress during meditation, is much more than what is achieved during normal sleep or rest.

It has been discovered that meditation rebalances and stabilizes the nervous system, and brings about a deep state of rest, which stimulates the tissue repair in the body. Meditation also increases memory and improves brain functioning, speeds up reflexes, encourages faster recovery from stress, helps in faster healing of a wide range of illnesses, improves the functioning of senses, increases productivity at work, and in general, betters the overall quality and perception of life.

With all such positive evidences in favour of meditation, why not make meditation a part of ones day-to-day life and experience its benefits?

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