Prayer helps cope with illness

It is a proven fact that prayer can help you sail through tough times. Reaching out to God (even if it is via the web) may help you cope with illness.

A study conducted on an online breast cancer support group, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found association between how optimistic patients felt and how often they used words such as faith, prayer and God.

Women, who used these terms the most, felt healthier overall. Praying helps make people feel more positive and hope for recovery strengthens their sense of well-being, says the Delhi-based psychotherapist Dr. Neeru Kanwar Chaudhuri.

For instance, a root canal treatment, or a stubbed toe, would hurt less if you expect it to. The neuroscientists at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine spoke to a group of volunteers who said that although they had expected mild to moderate / moderate to severe pain, all were put through the same amount of heat, but, those who expected less pain and had faith in God, reported 28 percent less pain. The MRI scans revealed that the pain processing areas in the brain of these volunteers registered less activity when expectations were low.