Rasayana Therapy

Rasayana therapy is a complete treatment involving the levels of Rasa, Srotas and Agni which helps in keeping the Saptha Dhatus (tissues) in excellent condition, thereby promoting immunity of the body and preventing diseases. In other words, the aim of Rasayana Therapy is to keep the enzymes that are present in the tissue cells in normal functioning condition. Rasayana therapy or the rejuvenation therapy, regenerates the cells, heals the bones and nerves and promotes calmness of mind. Rasayana Therapy, slows down the ageing process and the problems associated with aging, by keeping individuals free of major health diseases even during advanced ages.

Rasayana Therapy is administered in two methods; Kutipraveshika and Vathathapika. In the Kutipraveshika method, the individuals are given treatment in a specially designed house referred to as kutiĀ under strict restrictions. The Vathathapika method is given without much restriction and is a milder method than the former one. However, as people were reluctant towards undergoing the strict kutipraveshika method, only vathathapika method is being increasingly used for preventing age related problems.