Rasayana Therapy

rasayana therapyRasayana Therapy in Ayurveda helps in regeneration of living tissues (Dhatus), body rejuvenation and in leading a healthy long life. In traditional Ayurveda, Rasayana Therapy is one among the eight clinical therapies. Rasayana Therapy is not based on treatment of drugs, but is practiced by incorporating changes in ones diet by including healthy recipes, and through special health programmes called Achara-Rasayan.

Through Rasayana, one attains excellent memory skills, intelligence, will be free of diseases, will help in maintaining youthfulness, complexion, strength of sense organs and physique, and longevity.

Classification of Rasayanas: Rasayanas are broadly classified into two main types “ Kamya Rasayana, Naimittika Rasayana. Kamya Rasayana helps in promoting normal health by boosting energy levels and general health. Kamya Rasayana is further classified into Pranakamya, Medhakamya, and Srikamya.

Naimittika Rasayanas help in fighting specific diseases. This includes Kuti Praveshika Rasayana (indoor therapies) and Vatatapika Rasayana (outdoor therapies). The kinds of Rasayanas on the basis of diet and lifestyles are Aushadha Rasayana which is drug based, Ahara Rasayana which is based on diet and Achara Rasayana based on lifestyle alteration.

Detoxification of the body is done for an individual who wishes to undergo Rasayana Therapy. Through Rasayana Therapy nutritional quality of Rasas are enriched and digestion and metabolism are normalized.

Certain foods that act as Rasayanas include Haritaki (Embelica officinalis) which is also called Abhaya, as prolonged consumption of the fruit helps in longevity. The other rasayana foods are ghee, lemon, ginger, dates and figs, almonds, lassi and other seasonal fruits.