Reasons and treatments for obesity in Ayurveda

obesity man Obesity could be a result of genetics and is more pronounced in families with collective bad eating habits such as overindulgence in deep fired foods. Obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration, rather but a major health disease that requires serious consideration. Apart from genetics, malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, emotional turmoil, and stress (when people turn to food for comfort) can also lead to obesity.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, imbalance of kapha dosha could lead to weight gain and hence recommends foods that help in balancing the kapha in the body. These include coarse cereals, and green leafy vegetables like cabbage and kaddu. Certain herbs used in obesity treatment are vidangadi lauh, medohar and punarvadi gugul. Also Mantra Basti which is an oil enema, taken for about a week may help. But all such ayurvedic treatments should be done only on consultation with a qualified physician.

People who are over weight tend to accumulate toxins (ama) in the body. Hence eliminating these toxins(ama) from the body is an important procedure followed by Ayurveda, Herbs like turmeric, Barberry, Trikatu (an ayurvedic compound made by mixing ginger, black pepper and pippali in equal amounts), Triphala and Guggulu are found useful in reducing ama in the body.

Other weight loss measures as suggested in naturopathy include, hydrotherapies such as steam baths and sauna baths, underwater massages, hip baths, regular enemas, controlled fasting with liquids and fruits, and other cleansing diet that helps in weight loss. Yogic asanas like pranayama, suryanamaskar etc., are helpful not only in treating obesity, but help in keeping good health too. Apart from this, simple physical exercises like walking, will help in burning out those extra pounds in a healthy way.

Apart from this, taking balanced meals in short intervals, because when a person is hungry,  there is a tendency to over-eat. Hence paying attention to portion-sizes is a must. Also choosing home-cooked food over ready to eat snacks and fatty food is recommended. Finally, weaving movement into ones life will help in combating obesity.