Red Grapes highly effective in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and heart diseases

The humble red grape decreases blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thereby decreasing the associated risk of heart disease, reveal scientists at Madrid University.

The antioxidants and fibre found in grape skin and seeds, would prove to be superfoods in fighting heart attacks.
red-grapes and health benefits
During the most recent discovery, dietary supplement was given to volunteers with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It was noticed that their blood pressure reduced by five times, while the cholesterol levels lowered 14 percent.

Even the Lipid Profile levels had significantly improved during the trials, it has been noticed.

Several other superfoods for the heart, like the healthy oats, plant extract psyllium, are all good due to the presence of either fibre or antioxidants, but, combinations of both are rare. However, the result of the tests carried out at Madrid University, reveals that grape antioxidant dietary fibre, is high in potentially both life-saving ingredients.

According to researchers, grape extract would boost the average intake of dietary fibre to the recommended levels of 30gms per day. Also, when the supplement is taken together with a Mediterranean-style diet, which includes olive oil, tomatoes, and oily fish, the health benefits are even great.

Scientists have found that by mixing the two elements together, the effectiveness of the supplement in reducing risks of heart attack increases by 50 percent.

The lead researcher of the study, Jara Perez Jimenez, was quoted as saying that the effects appear higher than the other dietary fibre such as psyllium or oats.