Reduce calories with vegetable soups

Studies reveal that vegetable soup, used as an appetizer, could actually reduce the overall number of calories they consume at a meal. However, this is not applicable to high-calorie rich creamy soups.

Research carried out at the Pennsylvania State University in US report that having an appetizer of one of four different kinds of vegetable soups like veggies with clear broth, chunky pureed vegetable soup, chunky vegetable soup and pureed vegetable soup, resulted in reduced calorie count.

Pratima Kaushik, nutritionist, Delhi, says Soups have plenty of fibre in them that fills up stomach and you tend to eat less of the main course.

Also, another Taiwanese study conducted on twenty one people who included atleast four tablespoons (284Kcal) of sesame seeds in their daily diet, by sprinkling them in tost, soups, salads and curries, reported lowered cholesterol levels by over four weeks, as the seeds contain healthy mono-unsaturated fat.

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  1. There are around 17 ways/methods to lose weight.
    Most of them are variations on the calorie restriction approach.

    Now, whom amongst us does NOT recognise ths simple fact that oating too much puts on weight! Easy!

    Our truth on this matter of weight loss is to recognise that abstract concept of building your diet arounbs something that actually animates us all… Called a Life force or Vitality or Prana. No calories to count, no charts to read or keep. Just plain dead simple.
    So whilst losing weight you actually build your Muscle, immune system & even your relationships.

    Warmly Glen F Rees

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