Rejuvenation Therapy

Rejuvenation therapy is a unique therapy in Ayurveda which helps in keeping the body young and lively, in addition to maintaining good health, curing illness, increasing memory and promoting longevity. This therapy also increases the energy levels and boosts mental and physical capabilities of the body. It improves voice modulation, skin complexion, and vitalizes the sense organs.

Rejuvenation therapy is also known as Rasayana Therapy in ayurveda. Rasayana (vitalizers) replenish the body fluids keeping it afar from diseases. Through rasayana, the essence of every dhatu (tissue) in the body is increased, and the body becomes more healthy and strong.

Apart from the said benefits, rejuvenation therapy is also considered beneficial in treating Rhinitis, Allergy, Bronchitis, cardiac diseases etc. Rejuvenation therapy is looked upon even during old age due to its ability in keeping the body youthful and alert and in increasing lifespan of an individual.

Rejuvenation therapy takes about one to two hours a day and is administered continuously for seven to fifteen days. This includes special massage, herbal steam baths, Njyavarkizhi (massage with rice packs tied in muslin bags) etc. On the whole, this therapy goes a long way in toning up skin and muscles, and is considered as a treatment that helps in finding way to eternal youth.