Relax with Reflexology

reflexologyWhen tired with still nerves and aching joints, Reflexology, a simple natural therapy, which gives complete relaxation and refreshment, could be of help. Reflexology is an alternative therapy that helps balance the body, and stimulates organs, while also offering relaxation and improving circulation and generating feeling of wellness. It works on the principle that there are reflexes located on the soles of the feet, which corresponds to every organ in the body.

In other words, Reflexology is the physical act of applying gentle pressure on specific pressure points of hands and feet with thumb, finger or hand techniques, without the use of any oil, lotion or cream. The application of this pressure is assessed on the basis of ten longitudinal areas and zones, reiterated on the feet in the body’s image, linking foot to body, with a promise that such work brings about a physiological change in the body.

As said by Reflexologist Habiba Bijapuri, these pressure points are gateways to vital energy centers in the body. These energy centers could get blocked due to daily stress. Using reflexology technique, these energy centers could be cleared and the balance to the body is restored.

Procedure: During a reflexology session, the reflexologist relaxes your feet and cleans them first. Then the thumbs or a blunt instrument is used for application of gentle pressure to a particular point on the sole of the foot, which is connected to certain organs. The feet are gently massaged. This massaging helps in breaking up uric acid crystals that develop on the feet, thereby reducing gout and improving circulation. The process helps in bringing in more oxygen to the tissues, so that they get more functional.

It should be noted that reflexology is not another form of massage. It works through nerve endings, while the massage is applied to body muscles.

Benefits: This technique is believed to relive stress, pains, aches and tension, while promoting digestion and bowel actions and aids sleep patterns. It is a great remedial practice that helps stimulate nerves of the hands, feet, and ears, so as to affect the corresponding organs of the body. Foot Reflexology helps in healing the whole body, apart from foot problems. It is a good remedy for headaches, sinus congestions, back pain and other minor health problems.

According to research studies, reflexology helps relieve health conditions such as asthma, chest pain, back pains, constipation, pre-menstrual syndrome, gout, headaches, exhaustion and migraine.

Reflexology is not advisable for pregnant women and for those with cardiac problems, although there is no evidence to prove that it is harmful.

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