Remain well hydrated this summer with these natural coolants

There are many natural ingredients that are also excellent body coolants. Watch out for any signs of dehydration such as tiredness, nausea, hot and dry skin, headache, quickening of heart beat, dizziness and acute thirst, and keep your-self hydrated this summer, with these natural coolants.

Kokum Factoid “ is an evergreen herb, found in the western coast of South India. The fruit of the herb, that is purple in color, is usually deseeded and dried before cooking. Kokum is rich in anti-oxidants and has good cooling properties, and is also a remedy for diarrhea and is a good liver tonic.

Khus (vetiver) “ is a good cooling agent, soothes the nerves and is a blood purifier. The essential oil of vetiver, often referred to as the ˜oil of tranquility, is used to cool the skin during summer and is used in aromatherapy. The Khus sharbat forms a refreshing summer drink.

Mint “ is a good body coolant, aids digestion and calms nerves. Mint is available in plenty during summer. Mint could be consumed in any form, either added to iced tea, or fresh lemon or watermelon juice.

Cumin “ Bring back the age-old fashion of drinking cumin water, for good. Else, cumin seeds and a marble sized ball of tamarind could be soaked in warm water, strained and added to water, flavoured with rock salt and mint. Cumin also aids digestion, prevents flatulence, quenches thirst and relieves nausea.

Rose extract “ is also a popular cooling ingredient, which could be stocked at home, and added as and when required to cold desserts, chilled milk, shakes or lassis.

Yogurt “ Is a huge fad in the west these days, due to its pro-biotic qualities. It is a great way to meet adequate calcium that the body needs, and is suitable even for those who are lactose-intolerant. Yogurt, consumed in any form is an excellent body coolant. Even the regular salted buttermilk, served in India, with a dash of ginger, coriander, curry leaves forms a good accompaniment to a meal.