Role of Yoga in Treating Obesity

Yoga definitely has an important role in obesity treatment. There are various yoga postures that specifically help in reducing body weight and restoring healthy conditions of the mind and body. These postures stimulate certain important glands, in particular the thyroid gland, and help in hormonal balance.

The thyroid gland, due to its impact on metabolism, is directly related to increase in body weight. Certain postures such as the fish posture and shoulder stand, specifically influences the thyroid gland, helping in converting fat to energy, resulting in increased muscle tone and better vitality. Also postures such as bending forward, backward twisting, etc., help in toning up the abdomen, hips and waist. When such postures are practiced several times regularly, it naturally leads to weight reduction.

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara, has a profound effect in obesity management. Practicing Sun salutations regularly will help in toning up the muscles and internal organs, stimulates blood circulation and improves breathing, along with relaxing the mind.

Pranayama, the most important of all the yoga postures, provides prana or the life force and thereby increases vitality. The deep breathing posture increases the intake of oxygen, and continuous deep breathing, causes increase in oxidation i.e., burns up more calories and improves lung functioning.

It has also been observed that anxiety increases the intake of food. Since yoga reduces anxiety and brings calmness of mind, such problems that lead to obesity are reduced.

Certain specific movements practiced in yoga, like the Agnisar, helps in getting rid of the abdominal fat and streamline the digestive system.

Controlling one’s diet by intake of more raw fruits, and vegetables and avoiding processed food along with regular practice of yoga, has helped many individuals in dealing with obesity the right way.

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