Routine Yoga for relief tension and stress

In todays busy world, though more number of people are turning to yoga and meditation as a relief from day-to-day tension and stress, the fact is that they are left with little time to fit these into their busy schedule. As practice of yoga involves time consumption, such people end up doing nothing and avoid exercises. However, for such individuals who do not have sufficient time to practice a complete yoga routine, even fifteen minutes a day, when devoted for yoga practice can do wonders.

Keeping in mind, that a balanced yoga practice involves a combination of forward and backward bends, side stretches and twisting postures, the following series, which can be fitted into a fifteen minute period, can be practiced regularly.

  • Pranayama (Breathing exercises)
  • Spinal Roll
  • Sun Salutation (Surya namaskar)
  • Shavasana (Corpse pose) (if time permits)

Early mornings are the best time suited for yogic exercises. This is because, after a good nights sleep, the body is best suited to receive cosmic energy both mentally and physically through yogic exercises. Beginning the day with yoga practice is a good investment for excellent health. Sparing twelve to fifteen minutes a day for yoga will result in good respiratory, circulatory and digestive system and a refreshed mind.

Female practitioners are advised to avoid the practice of yoga during menstruation. During pregnancy, they should seek the permission of obstetrician, and seek help from an expert in the field, as to the specific Asanas that can be safely practiced during pregnancy. If time permits, they can consider enrolling themselves in a prenatal yoga class. Also during practice of asanas, only a few asanas should be practiced during the first week, to begin with. Later on the next two asanas can be included.

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