Safe way to remove blackheads and keep your skin glow

We all bit the bullet and massacre out skin by squeezing as hard as possible until the enemy is defeated. However, although the menace my be removed, if not careful, the damage to the skin may be permanent Heres the safe way to remove blackhead and show your skin that you love it¦ really!

  1. In order to make the ordeal of blackhead removal as painless s possible, you need to prepare your skin. Tomato is a great astringent and helps blackhead removal. Pulp it with oatmeal or just lay a slice on the offending area.
  2. Wash your face with a natural soap. Exfoliate with agents scrub and pat dry.
  3. And let the battle commence! Use  a tissue over each of your fingernails to prevent slipping which can tear the skin, and also prevents infection.
  4. Apply soft pressure to either side of the blackhead, pressing up and down.
  5. Do this once or twice only. If nothing appears to erupt, stop! This blackhead will not be budged today and if you continue squeezing it you will bruise the skin, risk infection or even cause scarring.
  6. To prevent reaching this stage, certain measures can be taken. Ensure makeup is always removed before going to bed. Eat plenty of fruit and low starch vegetables.

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