Seed implants increases survival rate for patients with Prostate Cancer

Study released in the February issue of International Journal for Radiation, states that more than ninety percent of men, who receive proper dosages of radiation levels with permanent radiation seed implants to treat prostate cancer, are cured of cancer within eight years after diagnosis.

Seed implants are becoming a widely accepted treatment option for patients in early stages of prostate cancer, as it is very effective in curing cancer. It is minimally invasive, without associated side effects such as incontinence or impotence. The seeds that resemble grains of rice, in size, contain a radiation dose, which when implanted, delivers concentrated radiation to the prostate, while sparing the neighbouring tissues and organs.

The Doctors, who carried out the study, evaluated the long-term results of nearly 2700 men with permanent seed implants during their initial stages of prostate cancer. The study was conducted at eleven institutions in the United States for eight years. The radioactive seeds were actually administered with the help of ultrasound-guided techniques so as to place the seeds accurately in the prostate glands. The patients were given the seed implants as sole treatment for Prostate Cancer, with no additional radiation therapy or Chemotherapy.

The lead author of the study and Chief of Brachytherapy Services at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, Michael J. Zelefsky, said This study is exciting because it proves that Branchytherapy alone, without any additional surgeries or drugs or radiation, could be effective in curing early stage prostate cancer. The results also confirm certain other findings, like for instance, the quality of seed implant is also equally important.