Simple Meditation

simple meditationFor practicing simple meditation, choose a quiet spot, and sit in a comfortable position. All distracting thoughts and interruptions should be removed off the mind prior to meditation. Try to stick to a particular time frame, based on individual convenience. Pick a short phrase or word (that suits an individuals personal belief) and focus on it by closing eyes. This makes it easier to concentrate.  Simultaneously, keeping the muscles in a relaxed position will help in relieving stressful thoughts from the mind, will keep the body relaxed. Continue breathing naturally and slowly, by repeating the focus phrase or word. This can be done once or twice a day.

It is not necessary to make an effort for controlling the breath. Gradually, one may notice that the breathing becomes slower and deeper and a state of peace of mind can be attained. This kind of meditation is the simplest, and can be practiced initially for five minutes a day and then gradually can be continued for ten to twenty minutes or longer.

As for the posture of sitting, there are many ways, the simplest being, sitting straight (keeping the spine straight) in a comfortable chair or cushion which can keep the person practicing meditation completely relaxed.

The centre of eyebrows can be kept as focus point for the eyes, as this is a good center for spiritual energy. The eyes should be held steady but closed, as if focusing at a point that is about an arm length way, in level with the head.