Soyabean effectively reduces hot flushes among menopausal women

soybean reduces hot flushesAbout 75% of all menopausal women suffer hot flushes, which is marked by sudden, intense feeling of heat, caused due to low estrogen levels during menopause. Although hormonal therapy is a well-known effective treatment for the problem, it is believed to increase the risks of certain other chronic illness, such as strokes and heart disease. Several alternative remedies have been recently reported to ease symptoms of Hot Flashes in menopausal women, without any possible side effects.

soybean reduces hot flushesNow, a new study has revealed that soybean could be very effective in reducing hot flushes and such other symptoms experienced by menopausal women, without any possible side-effects. The study was conducted by researchers at the Harvard medical school, by isolating a compound from soybean, which was believed to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flushes by 52% among menopausal women.

The compounds chemical structure resembled human estrogen. Hence, it could act as a regulatory mechanism, when the natural levels of estrogen in the body decreased. The compound was found to be rich in Daidzein-rich Isoflavone-aglycone supplement (DRI). These isoflavones are phytoestrogens that display both estrogenic and anti-estrogenic properties.

The team of researchers, led by George Blackburn, said that their team was in search of a safe and effective alternative to hormone therapy. The researchers had noticed that cases of hot flushes symptoms were comparatively less in countries where women consumed soybeans in large proportions.

George Blackburn and his team, with their study, found that the level of improvement among women taking DRI supplement was similar to that of other alternative therapies, like, for instance, a serotonic inhanbitor sans, without side effects.
Other natural alternatives that have been proven effective in reducing hot flushes during earlier studies are Acupuncture treatment, consuming Flaxseed, and regular exercise.

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