Soybean Isoflavones improves bone health in post-menopausal women

Scientists have recently discovered that the natural estrogen-like substances in food such as soybean isoflavones improves bone health.

The Scientists at the University of California-Davis revealed that Soy has been under study for a long time due to its immense health benefits, such as reducing cancer risk and acting as substitute to conventional steroid hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women.

The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Physiologist Marta D Van Loan, together with his team at the California-Davis University has been studying Soybean properties for a long time.

The study showed that although, on the whole, the isoflavones had no significant positive role in preventing bone loss, the 120-mg treatment showed a modest benefit when evaluated in conjunction with lifestyle factors.

According to researchers the isoflavones extracted from soy protein can guard post-menopausal women against bone loss. In the study, the subjects were given either a placebo tablet or those containing moderate amounts of the isoflavones (80mg to 120mg).

But, the scientists were unable to report an extreme positive impact in avoiding bone loss. But, this when coupled with lifestyle factors, the patients consuming 120mg treatment showed limited benefits.

The scientists are of the opinion that the bodys response to isoflavones brought out from soy proteins can differ from responses to isoflavones in their natural form of soy foods or soy protein supplement.

Therefore, it has been affirmed that some soy-protein compound, other than the extracted isoflavones could have been responsible for bone-protecting effects as seen in some earlier studies. The isoflavone dosages used in the current study may not have been high enough to produce a bone-sparing effect, the researchers said.

The study has been published in the Agricultural Study Magazine, July 2010.