Stamina Pilates

Pilates is a form of physical exercise meant to strengthen, stretch and balance the body. In other words, Pilates is a combination of exercises with focused breathing patterns. It was developed by Joseph. H. Pilates. Pilates involves use of controlled movements like equipment or mat exercises that help in balancing and strengthening the body. Pilates is popular among dancers.

Stamina Pilates is a program that helps in building endurance into the core muscles. On practicing Stamina Pilates, one becomes skilled in building muscles in the right order and in practicing the exercises with ease.

Anyone, young children to adults can practice Pilates. All that is needed are comfortable clothes and a mat and if required, an equipment. Pilates, in particular, has proven helpful for women who wish to regain their lost shape post delivery. More women are turning to it, as it makes use of simple breathing techniques and the resistance of the body to its own weight. Individuals suffering from Degenerative Disc Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Osteoporosis, Chronic pain, Obesity, Scoliosis and Polio also turn to Pilates for relief.

Benefits: On regular practice, Pilates helps in enhancing lung capacity and circulation through healthy breathing techniques, provides flexibility and strength to back and abdominal muscles, helps in better posture, helps in achieving core strength, better balance, mental and muscular co-ordination, improved bone density, experiencing positive body awareness and in overall health improvement.

Unlike building muscles through weight lifting etc., Pilates actually helps in building lean muscles without massiveness and provides a flexible spine. Apart from these physical benefits, it also helps in relieving stress and tension and boosts energy levels. It is particularly beneficial for sports personnel and is complementary to sports training.

Pilates is a pleasant substitute for the usual advanced work-outs. When practiced regularly with patience, it conditions the entire body and is suitable for all age groups. However, individuals with health problems should consult their doctor before beginning practice.

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