Suryanamaskara (The Sun Salutation)


yoga sun salute

Suryanamaskara well known as The Sun Salutation is considered as the best exercise for the human body. Suryanamaskara is a combination of Pranayama and a few yoga asanas. This is performed by chanting of mantras also. Suryanamaskara can be performed by people of all age groups, the elderly and the kids alike. It is considered as the best way to reduce weight and burn calories. It is also recommended for preventing and treating obesity.

Suryanamaskara which involves worshipping the Sun God is even mentioned in Ramayana, when lord Rama worships Surya before proceeding for a fight with Ravana. It is believed that the worship of Surya helps in remaining victorious and removes all the sorrows and sins and brings light to the world. The Hindu Mythology worships the Sun as a symbol of good health and immortality.

Suryanamaskara is an ancient form of Indian exercise, which includes regular worship and prayer. It is the means of honoring Sun God and is better known as The Sun Salutation. Sun Salutation, helps in gaining better knowledge and wisdom by use of body as an instrument. Surya namaskar consist of twelve postures performed consistently along with synchronized breathing. Each posture/position counteracts the other trying to bring about a balance between extensions and flexions. Among the twelve positions, only two are considered as actual positions, and the rest are Asanas. All these twelve postures together constitute The Surya Namaskara.

Surya Namaskara should be performed in an open space without any feelings of fatigue or tiredness and should be performed by alternating the feet. Traditionally Surya namaskara is performed at dawn, facing the sun rise. Surya Namaskara is also a good warm-up exercise consisting of various sequences of postures that improve spine and limb flexibility.

BENEFITS “ Surya Namaskara has numerous benefits, like for instance, it stimulates all endocrinal glands, due to which the thyroid, pancreas, pituitary and adrenals secrete their respective hormones and functions normally. It also rectifies any disorder pertaining to Liver, Pancreas and cures indigestion, intestinal disorders, acidity, constipation and flatulence. It prevent abdominal fat and strengthens spinal cord and the cells of nervous system.