Tackling Swine Flu, better late than never

While the Swine Flu panic is growing worldwide, and the death toll increasing by the day, renowned yoga guru Baba Ramdev had recently assured the public that yoga has the power to fight Influenza A(H1N1).

When addressing a press conference this week, Baba Ramadev assured the masses that regular practice of yoga can boost immune system, and keep the human respiratory organs healthy.

By doing so, not only can we fight the Swine Flu, but can remain fit to combat any other disease, he said.

He further said that, just as he had successfully treated chicken pox and dengue with Indian medicinal plants, Swine Flu too, could be treated with the help of these.

He urged one and all to opt for a healthy lifestyle with good exercising as part of their daily routine. This is because, healthy people stand a better chance to combat Swine Flu, he said.

Yoga expert Bharat Thakur suggests practice of Vipreetkarni Kriya and Kapalbhati techniques everyday for 15-20 minutes to improve immune system and fight the Swine Flu when body is exposed to it.

Yoga also has several cleansing techniques to keep our body defenses in-tact. Nasal cleaning or Jal Neti is one such technique recommended due to its wonderful results in treating sinus infections and other such ENT disorders.

Enemas are another way of detoxifying the body by keeping the colon free of toxin and relieving the immune cells from unnecessary load, and making them ready to combat external threats.

Meanwhile, the Founder of the Art of Living, Sri Ravi Shankar has said “India has a wealth of knowledge from Ayurveda to counter swine flu.”

According to senior Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Manikantan and Dr. Nisha Manikantan, Swine flu invades the body due to breakdown in immunity. Ayurveda suggests simple, effective remedies to boost immunity and build resistance. Tea made out of Laxmi Taru leaves (Simarouba), Amla, Tulsi and Amrut (Giloy) are good immunity boosters.

Alternatively, Ginger and Turmeric powder, mixed with lime juice or honey could be had twice a day to boost immunity, they recommend.

The Sambarani dhoop (loban stems) can be burnt in the house twice a day, as Sambarani is a potent atmospheric steriliser, the doctors said.

“Practises like pranayama and meditation can be of immense help. Independent studies conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore, have proven that pranayama and meditation boosts immunity three-fold. On integrating these practices into our daily lives, along with simple Ayurvedic remedies, one can effectively tackle swine flu,” Sri Ravishankar explains.

According to renowned Delhi-based homeopath, Mukesh Batra, Gelsemium and Bryonia are two homeopathic remedies that could be considered to tackle Swine Flu effectively. Pointing out to the time during 1918, when about 50 million or more people were killed worldwide with the Spanish flu epidemic, he said that the said homeopathic remedies had proven effective in fighting the H1N1 strain back then.

Dr.Batra also pointed out a case when Japanese encephalitis hit Andhra Pradesh 10 years ago. The government had distributed one million doses of the homeopathic drug ˜Belladoma to children, and thereafter there were no cases of Japanese encephalitis.

Therefore, homeopathy can offer an effective and inexpensive preventive measure and cure for swine flu, Batra emphasized.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from the yoga guru, Baba Ramdev, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi yesterday said that it will offer ˜tinospora (giloi plant) and tulsi plants free to citizens to help strengthen the immune system against the Swine Flu virus. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi will offer branches of tulsi and giloi plants through its municipal councillors.

Although, a late realization, there is absolutely no side effects or harm in trying out a couple of these ancient time-tested remedies, and if any, all we get in return are only gains, unlike the negative effects of certain drugs that one has to face when undergoing allopathic treatment.


  1. this article is good. it helped in getting the information. the sambrani dhoop is actually a good way to kill the viruses in the environment. i also have an idea like arranging this dhoop on a national basis all over the country at the same time . like in all temples , which will clean the air of this harmful virus. i dont know whom to contact on this matter. please someone take the initiative

  2. Swine flu is very dangerous disease. Its almost fatal. Normally many practitioners prescribe Relenza and Tamiflu for the viral infection. But there are lot of people whose swine flu is being treated by Homeopathic treatments and it has been very effective since homeopathy has no side effects, but disadvantage of that is, its effects can be destroyed by the effects of smoking, pungent smells, coffee, camphor or petrol smell. So one have to take care of.

  3. Thank you for such an important post regarding Swine flu. Many people have died from swine flu. The symptoms of swine flu are much like influenza. So many people ignore it.

    Recently I have visited a site http://www.ayurveda-in-health.com/tulsi.html for holistic healing and learned that Basil (Tulsi) can help get rid of cough and cold symptoms. Chewing its leaves helps with the flu. It also has anti-bacterial properties, which relieve colds. Basil is also effective for respiratory problems. It is used to treat respiratory disorders. It gives great results when taken for treating upper respiratory tract infections (URTI). It has marvelous effects in bronchitis and asthmatic conditions.

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