The beauty of Coffee

Much has been heard and proven about the benefits of coffee on health during recent times. People have moved on from their belief during early days that coffee does not do anything more than just giving that jolt of energy due to its caffeine content. Several studies have now confirmed that drinking moderate amounts of coffee (4-5 cups a day) can reduce risks of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, liver cirrhosis, colon cancer, skin cancer, gallstones and Alzheimer’s disease.

Coffee has now gained grounds in beauty treatments too. But the goodness of coffee can be obtained only from the powder obtained from real coffee beans, and not the instant coffee powder available in local markets.

One of the leading dermatologists, Dr. Abhijit Desai, has said that the antioxidant properties of coffee makes it a vasoconstrictor and diuretic, and thereby helps avoid water retention and is found beneficial in reducing dark circles.

Hair: Coffee can do the same wonders for hair, as can the expensive bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Beauty experts are now offering hair protein treatments laced with coffee. The antioxidants in coffee work against the chemicals that lead to hair fall. However, beware not to apply coffee to colored or processed hair. Few experts even suggest using espresso (obtained by adding ground coffee to hot water and allowing it to brew, and applying that warm drink to hair and rinsing after 20 minutes), as it renders soft and shiny hair.

Eyes: Coffee is wonderful in erasing dark circles and puffy eyes, caused by late nights and sleeplessness. On combining with vitamin K, it is the best cure for eye puffiness. Apart from reducing blood supply to the area by constricting the vessels, it removes water content and reduces puffiness. Use eye creams with coffee bean extract for best results.

Skin: Ground coffee is excellent in skin exfoliation, as in grounded form, it is course, and therefore exfoliates dead cells to reveal soft skin beneath. Using coarsely ground coffee with Turbinado sugar and olive oil, helps cleanse pores. However, to make your own coffee-laced exfoliant, it is important to consider your skin-type. For oily skin, a cup of coffee grinds should be mixed with yoghurt or besan (chickpea flour).

Other than preventing free radicals from damaging skin cells, coffee also helps in lightening and tightening of skin and reduces pigmentation and is therefore often used in facials to brighten skin.

Mix ΒΌ cup of coffee grounds and one egg white blending well. Massage gently on face, and allow it to dry. Rinse with warm water. Those with dry skin and follow up with a moisturizer.

Body odour: To remove onion or garlic odour from hands after cooking, use ground coffee onto your hands, as regular soap and water may not do the trick. The rich coffee fragrance is more powerful than the stubborn stench of onion/garlic. Also use it as a mouth freshener by simply sucking on a coffee bean. Fill in a muslin bag with used grounds to deodorize yourself after a shower.

The other advantage is that the caffeine in the coffee bean, when blended with herbal extracts, draws out impurities and tones the skin. It can temporarily help in soothing the dimpling effect of cellulite. Cellulite is the fatty deposits on the thighs and buttocks that can cause an uneven, rippled appearance on the skin.

Making use of coffee in beauty treatments is a wonderful way to neutralize skin damage and keep it protected and youthful for longer period of time. But, apply caution when using coffee-based products, as people with extremely sensitive skin or those with specific skin ailments will have to consult their doctor before using them.

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