The booming Ayurvedic Spas

An Ayurvedic Spa is basically an Ayurvedic center, where treatments such as Shirodhara, Pizhichil and Abhyanga are carried out as a way of body rejuvenation and for banishing stress or for just taking a break from high-pressured lifestyles.

Ayurvedic Spas have now transformed into a flourishing trade and Ayurvedic health tourism is continuously on the rise accounting to major tourism revenue. Hence, one need not feel astonished while noticing that Ayurvedic health Spas offering exotic massages, meditation, yoga, organic food with spices and herbs etc., have sprung in various states in India, and Kerala, in particular.

Most treatments in Ayurvedic Spas run into a fortnight, and hence the villas, cottages and presidential suites are much in demand. Ayurvedic Spas follow the Ayurvedic way of treatment, which cures a variety of health conditions like Spondylitis, Paralysis, Arthritis, Migraine, Sinusitis, apart from tensions and stress.

Panchakarma, the popular Ayurvedic treatment is based on the principle of Tridosha, is a popular treatment offered in most Ayurvedic Spas.  The Ayurvedic massages offered in Ayurvedic Spas is done with special herbal oils and medicines that restores the lost vitality, cures chronic diseases, rejuvenates and detoxifies the body, and helps in getting back to shape within a fortnight.

In most resorts the average cost for a fortnight’s therapy alone could range anywhere between Rs.15000 to Rs.20000, apart from accommodation, which could range anywhere between Rs.2,500 to Rs.10,000 per day based on the type of chosen accommodation. The range of therapies could include anything from a general massage to Pizhichil¬Ě(oil is allowed to dribble over the entire body by squeezing saturated cotton), or from Dhara to Nyavarkizhi or Shirovasti. The massages in combination with meditation and yoga and herbal medicines, helps in complete body rejuvenation by toning up muscles and helps in getting rid of stress.

Ayurvedic Spas also offer focused programmes such as post-pregnancy health plan, which helps in bringing woman back to perfect shape after childbirth, apart from special packages meant for Spondylitis, Rheumatism, Arthritis etc. Another such popular package included in the fortnight package is meant for the old who are young at heart. Apart from healing, this package helps in bringing back vitality and improves youthful vigour. There are also treatments for enhancing blood circulations, preventing premature ageing, improving complexion, banishing wrinkles etc.

On the whole, the increasing number of Ayurvedic Spas, are sufficient proof that people today, are not confining themselves to fitness centers alone, the trendy ones are opting for Ayurvedic Spas too.

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