The Chant and heal approach towards ailments gaining popularity

A new chanting technique that helps in combating diseases is catching up worldwide, according to the latest media reports.

A trained MD and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, is said to have been using a unique technique of curing people through Chinese chants, wherein every illness from common cold to depression and anxiety are being healed by chanting mantras in Mandarin Chinese.

Reports say that even celebrities have used this therapy to feel better and get healed. Although, Dr. Sha calls himself a spiritual healer, his teachings have been even mentioned on Oprah, and his books have been among the best selling list in New York. Back in 2006, he was granted the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts.

Dr. Sha believes that he heals people through soul acupuncture. Those who have actually been through his sessions, say he actually downloads new software into sick organs, just as you would install an anti-virus programme on your computer.

Dr. Shas explains that, The soul software download is like a spiritual program created by the Divine himself. The Divine downloads carry divine frequency, which can in-turn, transform frequencies of our body systems, cells, Organs, DNA and RNA. It helps remove energy blockages, apart from rejuvenating and prolonging life. 

This is because the chants and words are being chanted at a certain frequency. The moment the person hears them the cells in the body begin vibrating in unison with his voice, and there begins the healing process. Every chant is different, and the words are chosen in accordance with the body part that requires healing. While chanting, Dr. Sha also suggests visualizing a golden ball of light glowing inside the body during the therapy.

Although, there are both supporters and sceptics about Dr. Shas working style, Dr. Shas work has been gaining recognition worldwide. In fact, his chants continue to be downloaded every day by lakhs of people across the globe.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian health system, believes that the cause of a disease can be physical, spiritual and psychological. It has been identified in spiritual research, that the root cause of illnesses are spiritual in nature, with at least 80percent of the root cause of any disease being spiritual. Spiritual healing measures are often vital tools to overcome illnesses.

When an individual takes up spiritual practice, along with prescribed medications, ones spiritual level rises and there is a huge change in his/her spiritual constitution. This can have a profound effect on the mind and body. This can help by way of improved protection from disease and other distresses arising out of it.

Spiritual practice and healing measures such as chanting techniques helps in overcoming illnesses, and makes an individuals mind more selfless. In fact, research indicates that the powerful healing and transformational energies of chants can actually destroy the distressing vibrations of the disease. It can be of more help when one chants with concentration, spiritual emotion, and a prayer in mind. Therefore, it is best to accept spiritual healing measures such as chanting techniques as part of your regular treatment.