The herbal way to lose weight

If one is determined to lose weight, there are various ways to do so. Though there are various methods for weight loss, such as controlling diet, physical exercises, yoga, exercising by use of machines for several minutes a day etc., these methods may not work for everybody. Some of us may require supplements to lose weight in addition to exercises. A few such herbs and supplements are mentioned here.

Hydroxycitric acid, derived from Garcinia Cambogia tree in India, is considered a good herb aid for losing weight. It is included in food in Indian and even US restaurants. Hydroxycitric acid first converts carbohydrates to fat, then suppresses the appetite by giving a feeling of fullness and finally burns down fat. However, individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, and pregnant and lactating women are advised against using this.

Gugulipid is another such ingredient derived from Mukul myrrh tree in India, is found to be useful in weight loss. Though initially this herb was believed to be beneficial for treating individuals with lipid disorders and obesity, tests have revealed that it can be used in lowering bad cholesterol and enhancing the good cholesterol levels. It also helps in weight loss by stimulation of the thyroid gland, thereby accelerating the metabolic rate and burning the fat in the body. Individuals who use this herb, are advised to maintain a low fat diet, and should avoid using any other medications.

Another natural herb for weight loss is Gymnema leaves, which is good for individuals with a sweet-tooth, as it prevents excess sweet intake, which is one of the main reasons for obesity and diabetes.

Also, Gamma-linolenic acid, which is derived from evening primrose oil and borage seed oils, increases metabolism, thereby burning excess fat. Fibers, which are typically found in herbal tea, help in losing weight naturally. Ingredients such as pectin, guar gum, glucomannam or chitin, stimulate bowel movements and reduce excess fat.

There are plenty of herbs that help in weight loss, which are proven to be safe and efficient, and can be consumed on consultation with a physician.


  1. Yeah true for losing weight one should always try the natural products.
    Green tea burn the fat in safe and natural way without any side effects. Green tea functions by releasing the carbohydrates in very little amount thereby preventing the sharp increase in the level of the insulin in the blood due to which the body burns fat for producing energy required by the body. Green tea inhibits the movement of the glucose in the body cells thereby reducing obesity.

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