The power of Healing Touch under study

At times of sorrow, a gentle hand is more welcome and sufficient to ease the mind and calm the nerves. A group of researchers now, have embarked in search of a similar effect through a complementary therapy known as ‘Healing Touch’ to check if the technique truly works out on patients undergoing minor procedures.
‘Healing Touch’ is a series of techniques that balance energy for wholeness within a person’s body, mind and soul. It is an energy therapy used in conjunction with other traditional medical treatments.

The author of this study, Nathan Schmulewitz, and Assistant Professor of digestive diseases, explains that people undergoing surgeries, often find it difficult falling asleep, due to anxiety.

According to Schmulewitz, a patient, who is unable to fall asleep even with intravenous sedation, will have to use stronger anesthesia, which is often expensive, but not covered by insurance companies. Also, stronger sedation is likely to prolong recovery of the patient and could even cause mild amnesia, following the procedure.

The research takes into account the method of combining Healing Touch with mild sedation, before an Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) procedure, to help patients relax and avoid problems pertaining to anesthesia making the procedure more soothing.

Although there are many healing touch therapies, the study looks into just three aspects -the Chakra connection (movement of energy from one energy center to another), Magnetic clearing (clears the field of congested energy) and Mind clearing (involving a gentle touch on face, head and neck).

Even earlier studies such as Cecilla Kinsel Ferguson’s Doctoral Dissertation, during 1986, on “Subjective Experience of Therapeutic Touch”; and investigations on “Transfer of Relaxation Response” during 1984 have confirmed strong sedative effect of healing touch, and its potent influence on anxiety.