The Yoga package for daily practice

yoga for daily life

Daily practice of yoga brings about a happy mind in a healthy body. Setting aside half-an-hour a day for practice of yoga, will add years to your life, keeping you physically and mentally balanced all through. Listed here are some yoga postures and their benefits. Practise of these poses on daily basis for half an hour a day, can keep you healthy, energetic and rejuvenated not just during the day, but all through your life. Incorporate these postures in your daily practice as a package.

  1. Simple Pranayam: Improves concentration, memory, and intelligence. As this is done in Padmasana posture, it is the ideal pose for meditation too.
  2. Pavanamuktasana: Offers relief from gastric problems, stomach pain, improves digestion, and reduces abdominal obesity.
  3. Tadasana: Excellent posture to build height. As it involves intake of deep breaths, it improves functioning of respiratory tract and nervous system, and strengthens the circulatory system.
  4. Nataraja pose: Helps in overall strengthening of the body, helps in maintaining good body contouring and balancing.
  5. Yoga mudra in Vajrasan: strengthens back muscles and makes them more flexible, helps in prevention and management of diabetes.
  6. Ardhamatsyendrasana: improves digestion, keeps spine healthy, provides relief from urinary disorders, prevents fat build-up around the waist.
  7. Shalabasana: cures back pain and indigestion. Strengthens the spine, tones abdominal muscles, strengthen leg muscles.
  8. Naukasana: Cures constipation, gastric problems, and improves digestion, body balance. Strengthens muscles and nervous system in general.
  9. Marjarasana: Relieves low back pain, strengthens respiratory system, relieves any disorders associated with reproductive system.
  10. Bhujangasana: Provides relief from menopause related aches and pain, cures low back pain, expands chest region.
  11. Sethubandhasana: improves functioning of thyroid glands, strengthens neck muscles, relieves shoulder pain and back pain.
  12. Nadishodhi Pranayam: Strengthens respiratory system and improves their functioning capacity, relieves cold, bronchitis and builds immunity.
  13. Shavasana: Always complete your yoga practises with Shavasana. This is excellent for relief from mental stress, anxiety, fear, anger. Energizes and rejuvenates your body. Boosts inner confidence too.
  14. Meditation: Follow up these yoga practices with meditation, as it helps in completely calming the mind, controls high blood pressure, and improves overall mental and physical stability.