Tips from Ayurveda for better eyesight

Eye care in AyurvedaAyurveda believes that eyes are the most important of all sense organs. In fact, experienced, expert Ayurvedacharyas can diagnose the general health condition of a patient, and certain kinds of illnesses by examining the patients eyes. Therefore, Ayurvedacharyas emphasize that utmost priority should be given in taking care of your eyes.

Among the eight branches of Ashtanga Ayurveda, Shalakya, the ENT with Ophthalmology is the one that deals with eye problems. According to Ayurveda, all eye diseases occur due to imbalances in tridoshas.

Ayurveda points out that certain lifestyle factors such as irregular food habits, excess intake of sour and spicy food, foods that lead to excess heat in the body, napping during daytime, insomnia, long travel, skin tanning due to sun rays, eye strain due to work that requires looking into a minute object for long time, smoking and alcohol, physical and mental stress, are all harmful to eyes, and can lead to several kinds of eye diseases.

Here are some useful ayurvedic tips for tackling minor eye problems and maintaining general eye health:

  • For burning sensation in eyes, pour two to three drops of castor oil. Else, pouring two to three drops of basil leaf extract into each eye can be beneficial.
  • In case the eye appears to be reddened, try making an eye pack of Picchi (Jasminum grandiflorum). Else, sprinkling one or two drops of rosewater can also be refreshing.
  • Certain herbal oils such as ponnanganni thailam, karisalaankanni thailam and amalakki herbal oil can be massaged on to the hair before bath.
  • Every morning, pour one to two drops of basil leaf extract, or rosewater into each eye, to improve eyesight.
  • Dip few petals of Nandyarvattam (East Indian rosebay, chameli) plant in water and keep it overnight. Wash eyes with this water early in the morning.
  • The leaves of Adalotakam (Malabar nut, Adusa) are also an excellent medicine for improving eyesight. These are used as an eye pack to maintain general eye health.
  • Washing eyes with tender coconut water every day can go a long way in improving eyesight.
  • Ayurvedic herbs such as amla and garlic can help improve vision. Even Bhringraj herb or amla oil can be applied to improve vision.
  • Yoga and pranayama helps in improving eyesight.
  • Another ayurvedic tip to improve eyesight is to consume a mixture of cardamom seeds with one tablespoon of honey every day.
  • Triphala is said to be excellent for eye health, particularly blurred vision. It also helps prevent cataract problems. Also, add triphala powder to water and wash eyes with this solution to cure any eye problems and improve vision.
  • Ayurveda also recommends meditation by focusing on candle flame in a dark room. It helps improve eyesight.
  • Diet also plays a major role in improving eyesight. A diet that includes apples, grapes, spinach, carrots and cucumber juice are all excellent for eyesight. Foods such as oranges, dates, tomatoes and turnips are also good. Also, try to include almonds and honey into your diet regularly.

Ayurveda recommends that these procedures should be followed with utmost care to improve eyesight. Also, consult an ayurvedic physician for more information on general eye health.