Tomatoes help in reducing cardiac risks

According to a recent study, conducted in Britain regular intake of tomatoes, could significantly reduce heart diseases.

Scientists have advised that people with high cholesterol should begin taking tomatoes or drink tomato juice, to help reduce the risk of heart attacks.

tomatoes reduce cardiac riskTomatoes have been considered a healthy food for quite sometime. According to the study conducted by the researchers, it included 21 volunteers in the age group of 20 to 49, who had normal cholesterol levels. Each volunteer was asked to spend three weeks without consuming any tomato products. Later, they spent another three weeks taking 30gms of tomato puree or drank 400ml of tomato juice every day.

During this period, the researchers checked the blood samples of volunteers regularly, and monitored their cholesterol levels. It was found that including even small quantities of tomato in their breakfast, lunch and tea, revealed that their Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) levels dropped down significantly over a three-week period.

LDL is the bad cholesterol, which, when present in high levels in blood, could increase risk of heart disease.

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