Top ten ayurvedic tips for migraine relief

Migraine is termed as Ardhavbedhak in Ayurveda. Migraine headaches are terrible pain that mostly strike on one side of the head, wherein intensity of pain increases with every passing hour. Such migraine attacks can recur every week or once a month in some people. Sometimes, migraine headaches are accompanied by nausea. The reasons for migraines could be many, including heredity, slow metabolism, varying blood pressure levels, and stress.

Ayurveda recommends shamana chikitsa during an attack of migraine, and nirvana chikitsa after the attack. According to

Ayurveda, strengthening the nervous system is the best remedy for migraines.

Migraine relief in AyurvedaHere are some of the best Ayurvedic tips for migraine relief:

  • Varanadhi Gritham (grithams are medicated ghee), Kalyana Gritham and Ksheerabala are recommended in dosages prescribed by the physician. Also Varanadhi Gritham and Ksheerabala 101 can also be used in the Nasya procedure. They can also be used for the head massage or for dhara procedure.
  • Mix boiled tuar dal with milk, and drin after dinner regularly.
  • The extract of medicinal plant Vaatham kolli can be inhaled for relief.
  • Make a small ball with crushed black jeerah (black cumin seeds), tied in a muslin cloth, and inhale it as often as possible.
  • Dry ginger and the root of koovalam plant (also known as ˜bael in Hindi, and ˜golden apple or ˜stone apple in English with Aegle marmelose as scientific name) can be ground together and applied on the forehead.
  • Mukkutti (Biophytum sensitivum) can be ground and applied on either sides of the forehead.
  • Herbs such as Moovilaveru (pseudarthria viscida) Orilaveru (desmodium gangeticum), can be applied on either sides of the forehead in the form of a paste, and can also be used for inhalation through the Nasya procedure.
  • Balahatadi, Surasadhi, and Ksheerabala oils can be used as massage oils, as recommended by the physician before bathing in the morning.
  • Use Brahmarasayana, Chyawanprash, Agasthyarasayana, and other such medicines for effective migraine relief.
  • Performing pranayama regularly can help considerably in relieving migraine attacks.
  • The extract of the plant Poovam Kurunnila (Ash coloured fleabane or ˜Vernonia cinerea) can be effective, if used for local application, and massaged on the head.

Consult an ayurvedic physician, and find out the exact herbal oils to be used before bath, as they can provide considerable relief for migraine and sinusitis conditions. Meanwhile, take care to avoid excessive cold foods, non-vegetarian food, napping during the day, and taking bath in cold water. However, apart from all this, it is very essential to take recommended dosages of medications as prescribed by your physician.