Treating infertility through herbs

Causes of infertility are complex and vary from one woman to another, as from one couple to another. However, many women have found beneficial results through use of herbs in establishing pregnancy without side effects, which is often associated with regular fertility drugs in the market.

A few such fertility herbs are as follows:

Red Clover Blossoms “ is a herb found to be beneficial in establishing fertility. The herb has a high vitamin content which makes it valuable to the uterus, and a high protein constituent, which benefits the entire body. In addition, it contains magnesium and calcium which helps in relaxing the nervous system and promotes fertility. The herb also possesses every mineral required by the glands, and thus helps in hormonal balance. An infusion of one or more cups of the herb extract is recommended for several months.

Nettle Leaves “ The herb is nourishing to the entire system, in particular to the kidneys and adrenals. It is a wonderful uterine tonic. The high minerals and chlorophyll content in the leaves are beneficial for hormonal balance. An infusion drink of one or more cups per day is recommended for a couple of months.

Raspberry Leaves “ is the most popular among all the fertility herbs. It is a good uterine tonic, and has high calcium content. The fertility enhancing action of the leaves are more effective, when consumed in combination with Red Clover.

Flaxseed Oil “ This herb plays a prominent role in increasing male fertility. The ingredients in the oil, help in keeping the sperm healthy and also helps in dealing with impotence. The herb also has the hormone-balancing lignans and phytoestrogens, which help in stabilizing the ratio of progesterone-estrogen in women. They are also useful in relieving hot flushes associated with menopause, and improve uterine functions.

Ginseng “ The herb stimulates the immune system, fights male impotence and increases male fertility. It also enhances sexual desire, increase sperm count, sperm mobility and testosterone levels.

False Unicorn Root “ The herb is a good uterine tonic, which helps the kidneys, bladder and ovaries. Standard recommended dosage is about 5 to 15 drops of tincture per day.