Treatment of various forms of eye diseases

It is rightly said that we realize the value of our eyes only when we don’t have them. It is therefore important that we take good care of our eyes all through our life. Discussed here are few ayurvedic solutions to some common eye problems:

Eye Ache

Mostly caused when some foreign object falls into your eye, may be even tiny bit of dust, which, even if removed, causes an eye ache. Another reason could be moving about in the sun without use of goggles.

  • Powder equal quantities of licorice and cumin, and take half-a-teaspoon of it daily, along with 1 teaspoon honey for about a month.
  • Boil a bowlful of water to which 10gms of turmeric is added. When cool, dip a clean soft cloth in this water, wrench the cloth mildly to let a few drops go into your affected eye. When this water is cool, wash your eye with this water and dry it with a soft towel. This process is considered effective.
  • Add a drop of tulsi juice, mixed with even quantity of honey for all sort of eye troubles, particularly burning and pain.


It is the inflammation of conjunctive, caused due to dust, smoke, cold winds, overstraining the eye, exposure to strong sun-rays, and undue exposure to outside impressions such as fumes, chemicals, steam etc. It is also known as the ‘Pink eye’ and appears with typical symptoms such as intense itching, swelling, redness, watery eyes, swollen eye lids, photophobia etc.

  • Keep eyes clean and wash with cold water (mixed with borax). Protect the eyes from heat, cold, glare, dust and smoke and avoid eye strain.
  • Do not touch eyes with infectious hands, and use a hanky or cotton swabs to clean eyes.
  • Prepare eye drops for application in the eye. Mix 3gms each of rock salt and candied sugar, 6gms of Rasaunt and 120ml of rose water. Use 5 drops in each eye, and use this 4 to 5 times a day.
  • Wash eyes with coldwater mixed with borax before using the above application. But borax may not be suitable for all, so consult physician before use.


It is a chronic contagious eye disease, rather, a severe form of conjunctivitis, common in tropical regions. Acute conjunctivitis when left uncontrolled may lead to Trachoma. In this condition, there is pus discharge, which, if left untreated, becomes scarred and shrinks, causing Trichiasis. Untreated trachoma can even lead to blindness.

  • Wash eyes regularly with tepid water, mixed with borax. Use 5-6 drops of rose water, 4 times a day.
  • Grind together Churnanjana, Chandra Probha Vati and Chandrodayavati with honey, and make a paste. Use this application 3-4 times a day.
  • Grind ten leaves of tulsi (basil leaves) together with a clove, and put it into the eyes every four hours. For swelling, add a little of tulsi juice with alum, and apply it on eyes for instant relief.
  • Take 10gms of rasout, 3gms each of turmeric and alum and rose water 10gms. Soak it in glass vessel overnight, and strain the solution with a thick cloth. Then drop it in your eyes with dropper.


Cataract manifests itself in old age in the form of failing eye sight. As cataract continues to get matured, eye sight continues to fail. When fully mature, it is removed by surgical operation.

  • To prevent possible cataract formation, take 10gm juice of onions, 10gms good quality honey, and Bhimseni camphor 2gms, and make a mixture and preserve in a bottle. Apply this in your eyes using an eyeliner every night at bed time.
  • When cataract is in its early stage, mix a teaspoon of rose water with a teaspoon of fresh lime juice. Add 10 drops of this to the eyes.
  • Extract tulsi juice, and add a little honey to it. Use this application every morning and night.

Burning sensation

Can be due to various reasons such as entry of foreign particle into the eyes, eye strain, and heat.

  • Grind an onion with a teaspoon of black pepper and poppy seeds and soak in half a cup of milk. Apply this paste on the head and leave for 15 minutes and wash with warm water.
  • Mix bottle guard juice and sesame oil in the ratio 4:1 and heat till moisture is evaporated completely. When cool, use it for massaging the head.
  • Add a drop of lukewarm liquid ghee in each eye at bed time to prevent burning sensation.

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