Turn to yoga for relief from daily stress

Unlike what is commonly believed, it is not necessary to go to a yoga studio or yoga classes to receive the benefits of yoga. It is also not the amount of time spent in practicing yoga that matters. Rather, it is the quality and consistency that should be taken into account. It is better to practice small daily sessions of yoga, than doing none at all. Yoga helps in nurturing health and maintaining stability in life, in addition to relaxing mind and body, easing stiff muscles and joints, and in toning up the body.

The following simple steps may be followed daily:

Every morning before getting out of the bed, take 3 deep breaths (inhale deeply and exhale) through your nose.

Stand in mountain pose (Tall with spine erect) with big toes touching, and hands in prayer position at your heart. Take 3 deep breaths, bringing awareness to the strength of your legs and stability of your feet.

Around lunch time, even if at office, sit in a chair with your feet on the ground, and hands palms on your thighs. Rotate your neck clock-wise, and then anti-clockwise. Drop your neck forward, such that it touches your chest. Roll your face to your left and then bring your head back to original position. Roll your face to the right and come back to original position. Repeat in anti-clockwise direction. Repeat the process five times in each direction.

When you begin to feel stressed, stop whatever you are doing at the moment and concentrate on your body. Drop your shoulders, relax your facial muscles, release tension from back and belly, and take three deep breaths. When inhaling, repeat “I release” and when exhaling, repeat “control”. This will help in detaching yourself from stressful thoughts.

To release tension in the hips, lie down flat in bed (could be done at nighttime), draw your knees to your chest and hug them tight. Take deep breath, and release. Drop the knees out to the original pose, with soles of the feet touching. Rest your hands on your chest or belly and take three deep breaths, and release. Stretch-out the legs, while simultaneously inhaling and holding the breath while squeezing your arms, face and legs, as hard as possible. Release.

Finally, press roll and pump the middle of the inside of the right forearm, with your left thumb, as it is the energy regeneration point, and doing this, will help in energizing it.

Further, latest research reveals that Kriya Yoga (a form of meditation) is an effective remedy for stress-induced insomnia. This form of meditation helps in getting rid of any obstructions involving mind and body, and brings calmness and controls both mind and body. The research results suggests that patients with insomnia reported that their quality of sleep, sleep latency, total sleep time, total wake time, sleep efficiency and sleep quality, and other parameters improved when practicing this form of meditation.