Two cups of green tea a day, keeps stroke risk at bay!!

Two cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of having the most common form of stroke, goes the latest research finding.

Prof. Colin Binns, School of Public Health, Curtin University, Western Australia, says that people who drink at least one cup of green tea a day, can reduce their risk of ischemic stroke.

China was chosen as the place for carrying out the study, due to the high population, high stroke rate, and similar diet and lifestyle. The study involved patients who had suffered a stroke in Southern China. It was noticed that patients who consumed a minimum of one cup (180mls) of green tea a week, reduced their risk of stroke to a certain extent. Those consuming two or more cups of green tea a day experienced significant drop (by 60 percent) of developing stroke of any kind.

Binns says “If you are going to drink a beverage, then tea is a healthier option any day. Other kinds of tea, other than green tea, are half as effective as green tea in reducing risk.”

Stroke is a major public health problem in all countries across the world, killing about five million people annually and causing severe disability.

The study is the first to associate green tea consumption with ischemic stroke. Long-term consumption of green tea of minimum one cup a day can considerably reduce the risk of Ischemic stroke, accounting for 70 percent of all strokes that occur.

Binns also clarified that although the study has been carried out in Southern China, drinking green tea will have the same impact on Western diets too.

The same group had earlier confirmed that green tea consumption can reduce prostate and ovarian cancers too. Their latest findings have been published in the journal ňúStroke.

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